Junkyard’s Beer Garden

Urban Lebanon Beirut FoodPorn

Junkyard has officially opened their “Beer Garden” !!
The German concept fits so well with junkyard’s chill vibes, you get to hang out in a comfortable, friendly environment, enjoy the tunes, have some drinks and munch on some great eats.

Urban Lebanon Beirut FoodPorn Urban LebanonUrban Lebanon Beirut FoodPorn  Urban Lebanon Beirut FoodPorn  Urban Lebanon Beirut FoodPorn

There are 9 different food stations and trucks scattered around the yard, serving everything from burgers and sausages to sushi rolls, dynamite shrimps and vegetarian Vietnamese rolls to name a few.

junkyard bgUrban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPorn Junkyard fever

This should definitely be on everyone’s summer to do list!