Embrace Launches The First Suicide Prevention Hotline In Lebanon

A few days ago we came to learn about Embrace Fund, an awareness support network dedicated to mental illness in Lebanon and the middle east. It’s about time a support system came to life in the hopes of providing immediate help and follow-up with potential suicide risk factors in order to decrease the number of victims.

One in 4 Lebanese will suffer from a mental illness sometime during his or her lifetime. If left untreated mental illness can result in serious disabilities and even death. However, due to the stigma and social taboos surrounding the subject of mental health many people who need treatment will not seek it. Negative attitudes, negative opinions, and misinformation keep people from seeking the help they need to live healthy and productive lives.

Embrace is working to provide information, community awareness, and support to break down the stigma of mental illness in Lebanon. Their newest project will be launching the first emotional crisis and suicide prevention hotline in Lebanon and the middle east.

In order to continue the establishment of this long needed hotline a fundraiser will take place on the 26th of July at 8 pm, in collaboration with MYU on the Roof and featuring Joy Fayad, Nour Nemri and Ralph Asfour.

Tickets for sale at Virgin Ticketing box office at $60 regular tickets for two premium drinks and $120 premium tickets for premium open bar and dinner. All proceeds will be going to Embrace Fund and will support the new hotline’s establishment.




What do you guys think !?

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