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Marlenka Honey Cake

Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPornWe were approached to try a newly imported cake brand from Czech Republic and give our opinion a few weeks ago, at first we were off the fence about it, especially that we both are not big fans of pre-packaged cakes, but after a quick research online we were surprised to find that Marlenka cakes are free of preservatives, artificial colors and GMOs with a great reputation for all natural quality ingredients and we had to admit we were intrigued.

Marlenka is an ancient Armenian honey layered cake with nuts. The first cakes were baked just for friends, and they were later offered to local coffee shops. But this honey pleasure quickly gained great popularity. The fragrant, sweet and smooth cake was given its beautiful name after the owner´s mother and daughter – MARLENKA.

We tried the honey nuggets, soft moist balls filled with custard, a great treat with a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, the marlenka mini honey cake and the big sized one. The cakes are rich, a little nutty with a strong taste of honey and hints of chocolate, they just melt in your mouth.
The packaging was impressive, every detail is thought of and provides easy keeping, using and re-using. The small piece of cake even comes with a tiny foldable fork.

We asked a few friends to sample the cakes with us in order to get different opinions and everyone just loved them. We were not expecting to like a pre-packaged cake and especially did not expect it to taste so fresh and soft.

Marlenka can be found at O&C the fresh market in Antelias, Fakhani in Hamra, Shoppers Supermarket in Raouche and many more places that are listed on their facebook page.

Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPornUrban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPornUrban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPornUrban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn

Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn

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  1. It’s actually a Russian cake, NOT Armenians although it’s adopted by Eastern Armenians. I’m happy that it can be found in Lebanon though! It’s always a must for me to have this cake when I’m in LA, there are a ton of Armenian/Russian bakeries there that make it and it’s delicious. Now I don’t have to wait for a trip abroad to have a bite 🙂


    • That’s odd nowhere online does it say it’s a Russian cake, even the company page states that it’s Armenian; none the less its delicious and we really enjoyed it, very different from anything we’ve tried before.


  2. This is a Czech company, originally discovered by Armenian immigrants who moved to Prague. This cake is therefore Armenian. Loving Malenka since my trip to Czech, so glad to see it in Lebanon 😊

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