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4 Bite-Worthy Burgers In Kaliningrad

Good burger intel is just as important as any other piece of information you need before visiting a new city!! Trust us this was not an easy list to make but here is our rundown of the most bite-worthy burgers you’ll find, so if you are planning to visit Kaliningrad make sure you don’t miss out on these joints !!

Огонек Гриль-кафе | Ogonek Grill Cafe

A sinfully succulent, deliciously comforting masterpiece! This place serves a multitude of great dishes but the burger truly stands out. A buttery, slightly crisp bun, a slather of mayo, lettuce and pickles, a patty the size of a hockey puck and the whole thing is topped with a perfectly runny poached egg. This burger is not for sharing … I mean just look at it!

БургерБар | BurgerBar

This place is smack in the middle of the city center. Burgerbar is hard to miss with its floor to ceiling glass walls and minimalist interior. The menu consists of pages and pages of mouthwatering burgers and your order gets prepared right in front of you !! The burgers are huge, saucy and super moist, get a few and share the love… They are definitely worth a try!

Британника  | Britannika

The Pub Burger at Britannica is a massive, juicy patty with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, gooey cheese, the house sauce, topped with 2 thick strips of bacon… Your dream burger if you will! These guys also have an outstandingly long list of draft beers as well as their very own brew. This was definitely one of our favorite spots!

Мясорубка  | Myasorubka Loft Bar

These people take their burgers very seriously, they are known for their signature black bun burgers (although you can order the boring white bun, but why would you!!) and have built a fantastically extensive burger menu with any and every ingredient imaginable!! The Falafel burger is simple flavorful and oh so messy! We cannot say that this is a healthy burger per say but it most definitely is a great option for vegetarians… If not the only option that is!

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