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Lebanon’s Top Wineries


Ixsir Winery

Selected by CNN as one of the greenest buildings in the world, Ixsir is set in Basbina, Batroun. You can book your visit and wine tasting in which a guide will take you on a journey in the terroirs and explain the wine making process. They also have a restaurant by Nicolas Audi serving lunch a la carte daily except Mondays when the winery is closed and an extensive lunch buffet on the weekend.


Château Ksara

One of the oldest wineries in Lebanon, Ksara was founded in 1857 by Jesuit monks who inherited the land and went on to produce Lebanon’s first dry wine. Visits are available all year round, you will be welcomed at the winery and taken for a tour of the historic Roman caves where Ksara’s rarest and finest vintages are stored. The tour will finish with a tasting of their wine selection.

Bekaa Valley 05 Chateau Ksara Winery Was Founded By The Jesuits in 1857

Château Kefraya

The first vines were planted in 1951 and in 1979 Chateau Kefraya started producing it’s own wine. In the early 80’s they won their first international medals and started exporting wines to France. Today Kefraya is present in more than 40 countries. They offer guided tours of the estate and vineyards where you can enjoy some breathtaking panoramic views.


Domaine Wardy

Nestled in Zahle, Domaine Wardy’s roots date back to 1891 but the wardy family bought the company in 1997. Their wines and arak have won numerous awards in Europe, North America and Asia. Visits to the winery and vineyard are available including a wine tasting in the underground cellars where you will sample not only their wine selections but arak as well.


Château Marsyas

Located in the Bekaa Valley, Chateau Marsyas is owned by the Saade Family who also own and operate Domaine De Bargylus in Syria. The winery was established in 2007. A tour of the winery can be arranged.


Château St. Thomas

Château St Thomas is a family winery founded in 1990 by Saïd Touma. Their wines have been awarded more than 75 Gold & Silver medals in prestigious international wine competitions since 2002. The winery is open for tours, St. Thomas Chapel visits and wine tasting from Monday to Saturday.


Domaine Des Tourelles

One of the oldest Lebanese wineries established in 1868, Domaine des Tourelles is located in Chtaura and is also famous for their Arak Brun. Described in the financial times as the most seductive winery in Lebanon Domaine des Tourelles captured admirers all over the world. The winery has also some beautiful cellars and a large garden. Guided visits and private wine tastings are offered as well.



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