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Moussa Castle, A Castle of Dreams


Built on a hill between Deir El Qamar and Beiteddine, you can find the life work of a man named Moussa hence Moussa Castle. Moussa Abdel Karim Al Maamari dreamt at just 14 years old of building a great castle. When the teacher asked the students to draw a bird, Moussa drew his dream castle but was beaten and ridiculed by his teacher. Mocked by his classmates and the girl he was in love with at the time, he ditched school and went on to work with his uncle restoring Saida’s fortress.  Later on he continued renovating castles and gaining experience in the field and went on to work at Beiteddine Palace restoring the museum of  Emir Bashir Chehabi II.


Having acquired the skills and excellence in his domain, Moussa finally decided to buy a piece of land and start working on his dream castle. With the help of his wife, he did not rest and worked early mornings till late nights until his castle came to life.

The castle is open for visitors local and tourists, and is a must see when in the area. We visited the castle during our stay at Mir Amin Palace Hotel and enjoyed walking through it and admiring the displays, artifacts and weapons from old times and wars. The place is gorgeous and time actually stops once you go inside until you come out as you enjoy getting lost in the stories, memories and collections. Moussa’s success story is truly inspiring.


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