Sip Beirut

Gemmayzeh has always been the place to be; where all the indie, hip people hang and eccentric artists meet. A neutral territory where the young, the old and the wannabes can put aside their differences and just be. SIP is the perfect example of that.
Now let me take you through my experience with this place, one seemingly normal morning as I passed through Gemmayzeh with my friend, an intriguing millennial pink cubic structure, wedged between two old buildings caught our attention.




The place is relatively big, the walls and patterned floors reflect hues of soft pink and bronze oozing a casual swag and nonchalant coolness that draws you in. It’s modern and industrial with beautifully designed lighting fixtures.
At the other end of the room, you find a small outdoor area with white tables and potted green plants.

Why should you go there? they offer solid drinks, good food, some desserts, a calm creative space, free wifi and if you are lactose intolerant or vegan, you can get your coffee with almond / coconut milk. As for the service, found it to be a bit slow and unfazed.





The menu is simple and straight to the point, all the food fixtures of a good café with a few twists. My first instinct when visiting a new place is ordering everything on the menu, but that’s just my Instagrammer impulse for more content and SIP sure offers a great setup for it.
Thankfully I talked myself off the ledge and ordered a small assortment of breakfast staples.

The Labneh platter hit our table first. It came with a round piece of man’oushe, a dollop of labneh, some olives cucumbers and tomatoes. You can’t go wrong there!

The eggs on toast came after, we asked for them to be prepared sunny side up. They came on toast with spinach but we did not get a salad on the side as the menu stated. Still a good breakfast dish, the toast was a bit dry but good nonetheless.

My favourite and the most photo worthy was the Halloumi bagel. Seared Halloumi, grilled zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes on a bagel with greens. It’s a little caramelised, a little sweet and savoury and definitely flavourful.

I was planning to finish my breakfast with some sweets, the cookies were very tempting but at that point I was so full. If you did try any, leave us a comment with your thoughts and recommendations!!



Final Thoughts:
This place is all about the trendy vibes and casual atmosphere. Recommended for a chilled morning or afternoon if you are trying to get some work done with a a light bite.

Additional info:
Open daily from 7:30 am to 9 pm
Check out their menu on Zomato 

Sip Beirut Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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