About us

This is a space that celebrates the little pleasures in life, so join us as we chronicle our adventures and tasty experiences in Lebanon and beyond…

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Meet The Team

I’m Christelle! A tea fanatic, series junkie, Murakami fangirl and hopeless procrastinator. I’m also lazy… very lazy! I love to cook and experiment with new foods, I’m passionate about traveling and getting inspired by new cultures.
On my better days I follow a vegan diet, but as it’s hard to maintain m a reducetarian (I do try my best to stay healthy and be ethically and environmentally responsible)

Hello! I’m Cynthia, a bookworm with a love for traveling, barbecuing and drinking coffee. Currently obsessed with Russia and taking language courses to better communicate on my next visit.
When I’m not blogging I’m probably reading The New York Times or binge-watching the latest fantasy series to hit the DVD shelf.
I enjoy the simple things in life.