Punta Del Este – Jounieh

We found ourselves lately wondering at the sudden decline in service at restaurants and pubs around the country. It’s gotten to a point where if a waiter/waitress can get us through the meal without being annoyed or rude it would be a pleasant shock.

But nothing prepared us to what we encountered at Punta Del Este in Jounieh’s Old Souk. Before we begin it’s important to note that we are regular customers at Punta and our group is never less than 6 whenever we choose to go there for drinks.

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Pasquale – Grand Hills Broumana

Table  zomato menu Wine table

Simply put, there are good italian restaurants and then there is Pasquale.

Last month was the opening of Pasquale at Grand Hills Broumana and it wasn’t long till we had the opportunity to try it during a Zomato foodie meet up. We found the interior lacking in identity but the outdoor terrace was beautiful.

The service was impeccable. Professional, friendly and attentive waiters strive to provide you with the best experience possible.

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Appetito Trattoria

A quaint and cozy place, Appetito Trattoria is a great choice for a romantic dinner or a quiet lunch. Located right across from Napoli Hotel on Mahatma Gandhi Street in Hamra they offer an authentic Italian experience in a nice setting and ambiance.


We’ve been to Appetito twice and both times we left extremely satisfied.
We do recommend you make a reservation before heading there since the place is full most of the time.